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English grammer exercise: The verb ”To do”

For each sentence select the correct form of “to do”. You can check if the result is correct by clicking the buttom located below the quiz.

______ sit down.
I ______ remember much about him.
My husband ______ most of the housework.
You remember me, ______ you?
We ______ think you are suitable for the job. I'm very sorry.
I ______ think that this is a good idea.
We don't want to do that, ______ we?
It ______ bear thinking about.
They ______ seem very happy.
We ______ need to see you again. Our minds are made up.
They don't want to sign the contract, ______ they?
I don't like him. Neither ______ I.
I need a drink. So ______ I.
I don't like him. Why ______ you?
She doesn't eat meat, _____ she? What does she eat?
He lives in Tokyo, ______ he?
Yes and so ______ Simon.
I ______ feel like doing this exercise.
What ______ you think I should do?
We ______ really have an answer, I'm afraid.
Your score is

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